here at asheville ice we carry only the highest quality ice maker in the industry

Ice machine leases includes Ice Maker and Bin with annual commitment. We know how stressful the restaurant industry can be and ice is the last thing you want to worry about. Look no further than Asheville Ice, We understand the business and we take care of all your needs from installation, repairs and services. We can even have a machine installed within 3-5 business day and for custom orders within 5-10 business day.

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We only carry the top trusted brands on the market. Scotsman, Manitowoc, Hoshizaki, Ice-O-Matic, Cornelius, and Koolaire Ice. Order a new machine for your business today!

Ice Maker With Bin Options

525 LBS

per day

775 LBS

per day

925 LBS

per day


Leases Starting at $130/Month*


Essential Services Plan Benefits Include:

*SAVE Money with Competitive & Discounted Pricing for Service Calls
*SAVE Money on Cleaning Services (See below for Savings!)
*‘Set It and Forget It’ Scheduling – We handle your cleaning schedule and send you reminders for when we will be cleaning your machine.
Regular Cleanings aid in the PREVENTION of future mechanical issues and/or failure.
Service Provider Reliability! We work hard for our customers to prevent avoidable issues with Mechanical Maintenance, Health Code Requirements, Service Records, and Scheduling.


Enrollment Charge: $29.99
Yearly Cost: $358
2 Cleanings!


Enrollment Charge: $19.99
Yearly Cost: $437
3 Cleanings!


Enrollment Charge: $9.99
Yearly Cost: $674
6 Cleanings!

No Application Fee and No Deposit Needed

We are not responsible for:

Premium labor above and beyond agreement, overtime rates, holiday rates, mileage, miscellaneous tools or parts. We cannot pay for repairs caused by machine modification without owners consent.

$189 for all delivery and installation on all new machines.

Basic Cleaning Schedule per machine (Clients Responsibility):

Weekly:Clean and sanitize the door liner, door gasket and door frame.

Monthly:Clean the exterior.

Why Choose Asheville Ice?

• Locally owned.
• We love to keep your ice machine running.
• Professional and efficient
• Free estimates.

Asheville Ice Services:

• Sale of New Ice Machines
• Monthly Rentals
• Ice Machine Repairs and Service
• Scheduled Ice Machine Cleanings and Preventive Maintenance

or call us now:

(828) 738-5153